Microsoft Azure Interview

On this page you will find some useful tips&hints if you want to nail Microsoft Azure Interview.

In my case I was Interviewed in Munich, Germany for a Cloud Solution Architect in 2019.

How to apply for a Microsoft Azure Job?

It isn’t going to be a surprise to you that you can find Microsoft Azure Jobs in several places:

  1. Microsoft Careers
  2. This should be your first step to check Microsoft Careers Pages.
  3. Linked In
  4. Social Media
  5. Other sources - for example you will be contacted directly by a Microsoft Recruiter or you could receive employee referral.

Microsoft Careers Page

Regardless of the source of your job offer you will have to create a profile on Microsoft Careers Page, fill it out and apply.

Once you applied all of the stages, updates, etc. will be tracked via the portal.

One hint from my side I had some problems with logging in to the portal. I already had an Microsoft account, Recruiter created a second one for me for the other email address. End result was duplicated accounts. I simply filled all necessary info into the newly created one to speed the process up. Otherwise you would have to wait for account merge and this could take ages.


Interview Process

In my case an Interview process had several steps:

  1. Initial screening with the Recruiter.

    Just a normal friendly conversation, no tricky questions nor technical ones.

  2. If you were successful, you will be asked to create or fill in Microsoft Careers(applies to the contacted by a recruiter path) profile and provide all details, attach CV, etc.

  3. If your profile is interesting and fits to the role you will receive an invite for an onsite interview. I was interviewed by a two persons. One person from HR and your potential manager.

    In my case interview was a 45 minute long and in my opinion it wasn’t too much. I had much more to share about my experience so a tip to you - try to focus on important stuff and not some not-related experience. With that limited amount of time you will be asked a typical HR questions. Why do you want for us? Why not AWS or Google? Many questions about your past experience, projects, customers (without names but industry).

    The interview was quite relaxed, friendly and I enjoyed it.

  4. If you passed previous interview the next one is technical knowledge.

    You might be interviewed by a potential colleague from your team. Interview was interesting. As I was interviewed for Infrastructure role - Cloud Solution Architect most of the questions were IaaS related. You don’t need to have a Azure experience to pass it. In your case you might have this interview immediately after the previous one.

  5. If you pass the technical interview you are almost there. In my case I had yet additional one interview from other potential manager (different practice/vertical).

  6. If you passed the last one (or you didn’t need to have additional one) you will receive an offer.

  7. In my case I’ve got it and since June 2019 I am employed with Microsoft.