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Sep. 10, 2021

Configure Highly Available VPN with BGP from Azure to GCP


As I am working more and more with multi-cloud customers after creating so called “Landing Zone” the usual next step is to connect on-premises networks and/or another public cloud provider.

In this post I will guide you through creation of Highly Available VPN connection with BGP to dynamically exchange the routes between two cloud providers. I will do it with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Feb. 6, 2020

Google Cloud Platform - Unable to push Docker Image

GCP Container Logo Welcome to the first post in 2020!

I hope you had a good start and you are ready for some new content on the blog.

In this blog post I will show you what to do in case you can’t push Docker image to Google Cloud Platform Container Registry.

Sep. 17, 2019

Create Azure Kubernetes Service using Service Principal Name

Azure Kubernetes Service Logo AKS - also known as Azure Kubernetes Service is a managed Kubernetes service offered by Microsoft Azure. In Today’s post I will show you how to create AKS cluster using Service Principal Name.

I have access to a subscription where AKS can’t be created without SPN. In my case once I initiated AKS cluster creation with SPN it worked without any issues.

Sep. 5, 2019

Install MySQL Database in AWS and WordPress

Welcome in the next post in the WordPress series.

Today I will continue with WordPress article series.

Mar. 25, 2019

Google Cloud Platform Interview

On this page you will find some useful tips&hints if you want to nail Google Cloud Platform Interview. I was interviewed in Frankfurt, Germany in a period from January 2019 to May 2019. The whole interview was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. I received referral from my colleague for a position Customer Engineer in Google Cloud. Initial contact as per Google referral policy was done in 48 hours after applying.

Mar. 25, 2019

Microsoft Azure Interview

On this page you will find some useful tips&hints if you want to nail Microsoft Azure Interview. In my case I was Interviewed in Munich, Germany for a Cloud Solution Architect in 2019. How to apply for a Microsoft Azure Job? It isn’t going to be a surprise to you that you can find Microsoft Azure Jobs in several places: Microsoft Careers This should be your first step to check Microsoft Careers Pages.

Mar. 25, 2019

Amazon Web Services Interview

On this page you will find some useful tips&hints if you want to nail Amazon Web Services Interview.

Mar. 25, 2019

Public Cloud Interviews

On this page you can find a links to some hints which you can use during the interview and about the interview process itself. Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services Interview Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Interview Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform Interview

Mar. 25, 2019

Public Cloud Certifications

On this page I will share an overview of Public Cloud certification. For each Public Cloud I will create a dedicated page where you can find out more information. I will prepare a blog post for each certification track with some tips and hints how could you start learning, which resources you could use. Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services Certifications Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platformm

Mar. 25, 2019

Install LEMP stack on Ubuntu Linux


One of our prerequisite to proceed with WordPress deployment in Public Clouds is to have a Linux Server with correct packages installed and configured.

In my case I will use Ubuntu Server as a Operating System.

Feb. 13, 2019

Deploy WordPress in Microsoft Azure using Marketplace


I’d like to welcome you in the next post from the series where I will guide you through the process of installing WordPress.

In this blog post we will deploy WordPress in Microsoft Azure.

Feb. 4, 2019

Deploy WordPress in Google Cloud Platform using Marketplace


In the previous post I covered the installation of WordPress using AWS.

In this post I will cover WordPress deployment using Google Cloud Platform from Marketplace.

Jan. 18, 2019

Amazon Web Services Certifications

Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services has a very broad certification portfolio. I will describe shortly each of the certification as well who should persuade it. Entry Certification AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Professional Certification AWS Certified Developer - Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Advanced Certification AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Specialized Certification AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

Jan. 15, 2019

Install WordPress in Amazon Web Services using Marketplace


As promised in earlier post I want to show you how to install WordPress by using different methods.

In this post I will show you how to easily deploy WordPress in Amazon Web Services using AMI Image.

Nov. 15, 2018

New blog series is coming – How to install WordPress in Public Cloud

So you might ask yourself why I want to write about as simple task as installing WordPress? Do you know in how many ways can you install WordPress? The possibilities are endless. Let’s start with the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) or LEMP (Linux Nginx MySQL PHP) to web hosting marketplace one-click installation to dockerizing WordPress. This is the reason why I want to go through simple task installation using different Public Cloud providers and different task delivery mechanisms.

Sep. 7, 2018

How to download files from AWS S3 bucket?

Quite recently I faced small challange when I wanted to download some video files from the webpage.

Normally if there are more videos to download I was using Firefox with DownThemALl! extension.

Generally speaking it works fine when you are using Windows/Linux with GUI. This time as the amount of the videos to download was more than 800 (don’t ask for the details 😉 ).

I've decided to run it from my linux server running in the cloud (really doesn’t matter where).